About Us

M & M is a project born within the matrix of the Central American University Law School. There a group of students came up with the idea of creating a law firm that would satisfy the needs of a world that is becoming increasingly demanding and needing of legal services which are not only of high quality, being based on outstanding scientific knowledge and ethical values, but also furnished with the agility and versatility that our times require.

At this time, this group of young lawyers, with great experience and in the lead of the development of the legal sciences, has gathered strivings to provide legal counseling and “accompanying” in any phase of the lives of natural and juridical persons. We are aware that human relationships, be it regarding to business, market and society in general, give rise to conflicts that require more than one specialty in law, that is why we count on a team of lawyers with knowledge and experience in different legal fields which allow us to give solutions to the needs of those who entrust their business to us.

We are positive that you will find in the lawyers of the firm the reliance and tranquility you need. We greatly thank those who have trusted on our services and we renew the compromise of keeping the great job with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism that this enterprise requires.

The passion for what we do makes difference.